शेतक-यांना कुशल सहाय्य

रवीवार, डिसेंबर 27, 2015
शेतक-यांना कुशल सहाय्य

Department of Agriculture

Shri Eknathrao Khadse (MLA of Maharashtra)

Minister of Revenue, Agriculture, Excise and Minority Affairs

The changes in nature and their effects are a major source of worry these days. This department has taken some steps in this regard so that the problems of the farmers can be solved

Some important decisions of the department of Agriculture are:

  • 1. The department will make 5000 villages free from water shortage every year. In this way, in the next five years around 25000 villages will be made free from water shortage.
  • 2. Around 2000 weather stations will be established on Taluk level to provide information about weather.
  • 3. The process to deliver five lakh solar pumps for agriculture has already begun.
  • 4. The restructuring and exemption of loans on crops will be undertaken.
  • 5. To fight against drought a 7000 Cr. Rs. Package allotted for a permanent scheme.
  • 6. The government will repay the money-lenders’ loan in 21811villages.
  • 8. The government has approved the implementation of Speedy Food Development Program under the National Agricultural Development Scheme on the background of drought. The government has allotted a Rs. 25 Cr. fund for this purpose.